Provide opportunities for the study of a new way of thinking as available through the knowledge of natural systems and the study of family systems.  This opportunity will allow people at the US/Mexico border to study and develop knowledge about their own families and societal situation with the tools of Bowen Family Systems Theory and the research available from the study of natural systems.

students at a border program class

Goals toward this mission statement:

  • Develop new knowledge about the challenges present in this unique region by way of study of natural systems and the family
  • Develop bilingual resources in the study of Bowen Family Systems theory
  • Be a resource for local people who are interested in the family and other natural systems at the border
  • Organize existing family data from local participants in a way that will help connect family studies with science. This includes consultation, training, and research

Toward those ends, CSNSF Border Programs will:

  • Maintain connections within CSNSF and with other Bowen theory programs that can also provide training and potential for research
  • Receive and generate funds for scholarship, study, and research